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Fully control bioreactor with single-use Adherent Bag that contains integrated sensor technology to
monitor pH, dissolved oxygen and pressure.

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The expandable Adherent Bag that houses cells and
microcarriers on the rocking platform.

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Oxygenation system that perfuses the tubing with gases for cell growth and maintenance as per setpoints.

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About Us

Mission and Vision

While cell therapies are moving towards clinical practise, the production of cells on a reproducible commercial scale poses a major economic and industrial challenge.


Cell therapies typically require hundreds of millions of cells for one application. These cells are obtained from donors, but initial cell numbers are extremely low.


Scinus cell expansion technology

The SCINUS Cell Expansion system is a closed bioreactor system for the controlled cultivation of cells, supporting your R&D as well as your GMP processes.

The grants

In the past few years Scinus Cell Expansion Netherlands BV has participated in several international projects such as: MUSIC, ip-Osteo, BioScale, EFRO etc..